About The Project

The Adopce.com project is implemented in collaboration between the Tereza Maxová Foundation and the Centre for Substitute Family Care. It helps not only those interested in adoption or foster care but also foster parents who have already welcomed a child into their family. The project aims to provide comprehensive information about any form of alternative family care.

The Adopce.com project consists of three parts:

  • website – an information portal providing all important information about foster care,
  • Guide to the Substitute Family Care – a brochure providing a clear and comprehensive sum of information about the substitute care for the applicants; the brochure is free to download or can be ordered in a printed form, free of charge,
  • information phone line 725 756 505 – offers quick advice or information provided directly by the experts.

In its initial stage, the project was held under the auspice of prof. PhDr. Zdeněk Matějček, CSc. We also thank the non-governmental organization Spolu dětem for their cooperation in previous years.

Contact for inquiries:

Centre for Substitute Family Care, association – the expert organization overseeing the project
Jelení 91 / 7a, 118 00 Prague 1
Infoline: 725 756 505
E-mail: info(at)nahradnirodina.cz

Contact for media and cooperating partners:

Tereza Maxová Foundation for Children
Lazarská 13/8, 120 00 Prague 2, Czech Republic
Telephone: 00420 257 474 529
Email: info(at)terezamaxovadetem.cz