International Adoption

Adoption to / from abroad

Adoption of Czech children by foreigners and adoption of children from abroad, an international adoption, is a possible solution to the situation of a vulnerable child if the surrogate family cannot be found in their country of origin. International adoption is governed by the Convention on the Protection of Children and Cooperation in International Adoption, which was approved by the Hague Conference on Private International Law on May 29, 1993. In the Czech Republic, this Convention is enforced since June 1, 2000. Together with Act No. 359 / 1999 Coll., On Social and Legal Protection of Children, it specifies the conditions of the adoption of children abroad and from abroad.

The Hague Convention sets out the procedure for adopting a child by foreigners, defines the responsibilities and competences of individual institutions, defines the child’s right to preferential adoption in the country of origin, guarantees anonymity to biological parents, and substantially excludes any adoption gains. At the same time, it mandates the signatory States to designate one central authority in their territory to be responsible for the adoption of children abroad. In our country, the Office for International Legal Protection of Children based in Brno functions as the mediator.

Children who can be adopted but who cannot find a suitable family in the Czech Republic within 6 months are looking for a new family abroad through the Office for International Legal Protection of Children based in Brno. If a family is found abroad for a child and at the same time a family is found in the Czech Republic, a family from the Czech Republic is preferred because the Convention on the Rights of the Child preserves the child’s preferential right to live in the country of origin.


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Long – Distance Adoption

This project does not address this type of adoption.