Family Matching

Finding the most suitable family for the child

Mediation of foster family care follows one basic rule:

Always selecting the family ready to accept and embrace the child as he or she is.

It means:

  • with all his joys and worries;
  • with all the child’s skills advantages, but also the risks in development;
  • with his past;
  • with his personal and family history;
  • the consequences of his previous life in an institutional facility or a dysfunctional family;
  • with the existence of his original parents and siblings;
  • in the case of foster care, with the possible participation of the child’s parents or other relatives in their further upbringing.

The choice of the right family for a particular child does not depend so much on the length of the period the new family spent waiting for a child, but above all on the level of child’s needs, tolerance and socio-psychological assessment of the applicants.

This is a very serious decision. The regional authority workers and the substitute family care experts from various professions will meet to discuss the decision. Their task is to recommend the most suitable family for a particular child.

Once you have been selected, the regional authority will ask you to familiarize yourself with the child’s documentation. They will provide you with all known information regarding the child’s life so far and his / her family, their legal situation and their health and mental state. You will then have enough time to express your views and feelings and think well about whether you want to make contact with the given child.