Waiting Period

This period can be longer or shorter and can be difficult for many of you. There are currently fewer children available for adopted than for foster care. On the contrary, there are more people interested in adopting than those interested in foster care. Stay in touch with foster care professionals you trust, and don’t hesitate to contact them if you need to discuss any issues.

You can fulfill this time of wait by preparing for your future role while also spending time with your partner, friends, family, enjoying your interests and hobbies. Apart from imagining where you would place the baby cot, what baby clothes you would buy, what movies you would watch or what games you would play together, let’s try to find other ways to make most of this time.

A very good experience for you – future parents – may be to meet a family who has also adopted a child. You can find many non-profit organizations run clubs for adoptive and foster families.

You can also use this time to educate yourself and prepare for the new parental role. There is already scientific literature that can inspire you in many ways (see Literature and Legislation).

The successful adoption and the child harmonious development will depend on how you have prepared for the new situation – in what environment the child will grow up, what will be the family atmosphere, and most importantly, how you will feel especially how you will cope. So do not hesitate to do whatever you need to gain enough energy and secure your well-being, to be able to provide the child with a happy home.