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Guide of a Substitutional Parental Care in the Czech Republic

Adoption to/from abroad

Adoption of children to and from abroad, i.e. international adoption, as a form of substitute family care is a possible solution if a substitute family cannot be found for the child in his/her country of origin. International adoption is regulated by the Convention on Protection of Children and Cooperation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption which was drawn up and passed by the Hague Conference on International Private Law on 29th May 1993. This Convention came into force in the Czech Republic on 1st June 2000 and, together with the Social and Legal Protection of Children Act 359/1999 Coll., allows children to be adopted to and from abroad.

The Hague Convention clearly states the procedure for the adoption of a child to a foreign country, it stipulates the obligations and competences of the individual institutions, it defines the child’s right to preferential adoption in his/her country of origin, guarantees the biological parents anonymity and fundamentally excludes any profit from adoption. It also instructs the signatory states to designate one central authority which will be responsible for the adoption of children to a foreign country. In the Czech Republic the role of intermediary is fulfilled by the Office for International Legal Protection of Children in Brno.

Children that can be adopted and for whom it has not been possible over the course of 6 months to find a suitable family in the Czech Republic are offered up for adoption abroad through the Office for International Legal Protection of Children in Brno. If a family abroad has been found for a child and it has also been possible to find a family in the Czech Republic, the family in this country is preferred as, according to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, a child has the preferential right to live in his/her country of origin.

If it is not possible to find a suitable child anywhere in the Czech Republic for an adoption applicant, it is possible to look for a child abroad if the applicant wishes.


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