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Adoption stories

We share with you authentic stories of adoptive and foster families, which reflect their own experiences and feelings from the period of submitting an application for adoption or foster care, but also from the moments when the much-desired phone rang and they were matched with a child. We believe their stories will inspire or motivate you to apply.

We sincerely thank all the families who selflessly provided us interviews.

We are still waiting for the "magic phone call".
The story of a couple from Hradec Králové who was listed in the register of future adoptive parents in spring 2023. What should you prepare when you are applying for adoption?
Hradec Králové region
Only one of us can become an adoptive parent. We hope it will change later.
In 2022, a same-sex couple adopted their 7 month-old son. What was their experience with adoption in the Czech system, which allows only one of the partners to adopt a child?
Central Bohemian Region
After years of pain and disappointment, we have the most amazing son.
The story of a couple from České Budějovice who started their journey to adoption in 2019. After 16 months of waiting, they received the long-awaited phone call - their son was waiting for them.
South Bohemian region

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